Fiber art is a new realm of art. Many exhibitions which have taken place in these last years all over the world, indicate the strong vitality and inventiveness of this new creative trend. Under fiber art go all those works which refer to textile or twining procedures or hint at them.

Natural, artificial fibers or any material in the shape of a string, cord or rope can be employed. The reference to textiles can also be of a conceptual nature or even the cloth can be used as row material. Paper is also considered as deriving from fiber.

Born on the wake of American Abstract Expressionism, this type of art has gained in the years its own freedom of expression and its wide range of expressive posssibilites – which is its deep strength and fascination.

The Triennale of Lodz, Poland, the International Symposium in Graz, Austria, the Skandinavian Triennale, the one in Tournai, Belgium, are the key points where one can follow the manifold developments of this art which is only about 70 years old!

The latest nation-wide exhibition in Italy called Off Loom (Fiber Art - Art Outside the Loom) was held in Rome, in the premises of San Michele a Ripa under the Cultural Properties Ministry’s patronage, May 2000. All the different trends were represented: from historical masters to the newest experiments – all strictly Italian.

Among the various participating artists we would like to outline the most advanced attempts which lead fiber art much further toward border line areas.
A second session of Off Loom was held in 2015 at the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, Rome

The main exhibitions in Italy are held in Chieri, Como and Maniago, Pordenone. The one in Como, Miniartextil, has become an international meeting point focusing on all possible trends in fiber art.

The International Valcellina Award for Young Textile Artists in Maniago, presents an international panorama over international artists under 35 years of age.
Chieri has a wide fiber art collection and holds a Biennale giving larger space to young artists.